About the trust

We employ more than 6,300 staff who deliver compassionate care from our two main hospitals,  Calderdale Royal Hospital and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary as well as in community sites, health centres and in patients’ homes. We also are incredibly proud to have almost 300 volunteers at CHFT.

We provide a range of services including urgent and emergency care; medical; surgical; maternity; gynaecology; critical care; children’s and young people’s services; end of life care and outpatient and diagnostic imaging services.

We provide community health services, including sexual health services in Calderdale from Calderdale Royal and local health centres. These include Todmorden Health Centre and Broad Street Plaza.

In 2020/21 we cared for more than 80,500 men, women and children as inpatients (stayed at least one night) or day cases.

There were also almost 348,000 outpatient attendances; 125,000 accident and emergency attendances and 4,500 babies delivered. There were some 273,500 adult services contacts by our community teams as well as 54,500 contacts with our therapy services.

We continue to modernise and invest in our health services to build on our strong reputation. Foundation trusts are public leaders in improving quality in health services. They are part of the NHS – yet decisions about what they do and how they do it are driven by independent boards. Boards listen to their Council of Governors and respond to the needs of their members – patients, staff and the local community.

Foundation trusts provide what the health service wants, yet are also free to invest quickly in the changes to the local community needs, in striving to be the best, and in putting their patients first.

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About the local area

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary is located in the village of Lindley, which has a number of local amenities and excellent public transport links into the centre of Huddersfield. Huddersfield Railway Station is within easy reach with good rail links to Leeds, Manchester and London.

Calderdale Royal Hospital is located in Halifax, a 15-minute drive from Huddersfield. Located just 1.5 miles to the south of Halifax town centre, it is easily accessible with a range of amenities on its doorstep and excellent public transport links.

There are surrounding areas where you will find affordable housing, a large number of schools rated good and outstanding by Ofsted and lovely green spaces. It is the perfect place for family life.

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Find a job that’s right for you

We aim to have a reputation as a centre of excellence for recruitment and to be seen as an employer of choice - locally, nationally and globally.

We want to hire talented people not just for how good they are at the job, but for their values too. This is why we use values-based recruitment questions as part of our application process. We are looking for applicants who are kind, compassionate and willing to learn.

If these values are the kind of standards that you uphold, CHFT is the place for you.

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What’s it like working at the trust

As part of our People Strategy, we are creating a place to work that feels open and honest; where we aren’t shy about saying how we feel, where we can suggest good ideas; and where we know we’ll be supported if we pick up on other people’s behaviour that isn’t OK. We want to make the best contribution to compassionate care that we can, and this means that we will be contributing to making our Trust a successful organisation too.

Click the links to find recruitment information on clinical careers, non-clinical careers, medical and dental roles, apprenticeships and internal applications.

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We Care For Each Other

Since June 2018 different people right across CHFT have had conversations about what kind of place we want our organisation to be; how we make sure everyone has a chance to contribute; about making it easy for people to talk about what was important to them; about making sure that the report on the back of these conversations was not long and boring; and about us keeping on having these conversations so that they’re not just a one-off thing. What came out loud and clear was…

“Let’s create an organisation that’s known for one culture of care. This means we care for each other in the same way as we care for our patients”.